Purbeck Stone Samples
These limestones are fossiliferous and part-crystalline, harder than purely oolitic limestones and extremely durable. Purbeck stone is used for all aspects of building, ecclesiastical work, including memorials, and garden ornamentation. A high product standard is maintained for all supplies.

Below is a selection of typical stone samples available from our Purbeck quarries.
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Purbeck/Portland Spangle
Purbeck/Portland Pond Freestone
Purbeck Cap
Purbeck Blue Marble
Purbeck Green Marble
Purbeck Grub
Purbeck Thornback
Purbeck Inland Freestone
Purbeck Feather

Each bed of Purbeck stone offers different colours ranging from grey/blue to cream/beige. All beds are of good quality crystalline limestone laid down in the Jurassic/Cretaceous era and each layer is unique in its fossil content.

It makes excellent building stone and internal and external paving. It is highly sought after in polished form for cladding, hearths, mantels and vanity/worktops. It is also popular for all aspects of landscaping.

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These samples are a representative sample of a natural material, variation in colour and texture may occur. Textural Pattern Not to Scale