Paving & Cladding

Self-Faced - A natural surface with a thickness of between 38mm and 100mm.
Bush-Hammered - Stippled or chiselled finish. Gives a good non-slip surface.
Sawn/Sanded - Smooth matt surface.
Crazy Paving - Natural top and random shapes, 50mm to 75mm thickness.


Cannon Street, City of London Lightly Sanded - Gives a matt finish and might be a choice for porches, laundry rooms, conservatories etc.
Honed - Displays the fossil content without a shiny surface. Excellent for kitchens, hallways, dining areas, atrium and foyer areas and stairways.
Polished - Ideal for fireplace hearths, mantels, window sills and worktops.

Purbeck 'Spangle' wall cladding at Thames Court, City of London

Purbeck stone is not generally available in large blocks, which limits paving sizes, depending on the bed of stone chosen. A practical way to purchase paving is in coursed widths between 250mm and 425mm and random lengths. Our requests for paving include small areas in private houses as well as large projects in the centre of London.
All enquiries welcome.
Paving: Gauged widths, random lengths, mixed beds
Paving: Gauged widths, random lengths, mixed beds

Projects include the following:

  • Paving for Merrill Lynch European Headquarters in London. This includes honed paving for internal use and textured paving for external areas. (Natural Stone Award Winner 2002)
  • Paved floor for St Mary's Church, Chesham.
  • Paving for an external walkway at Cannon Street, London.
  • Chiselled paving and kerbs for an enhancement scheme in Blandford town centre, Dorset.
  • Paved floor for the Refectory, Southwark Cathedral, London.
  • Paved floor in Visitors' Centre and St.George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.
  • Christ Church, Spitalfields (National Stone Award Winner 2004)
  • Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral (National Stone Award Winner 2004)