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'Freestone' ArchPurbeck stone is being used for restoration and new projects in ecclesiastical buildings throughout England. Examples of its use can be seen in Exeter, Ely, Norwich, Chichester, Salisbury, Lincoln, Llandaff and Southwark Cathedrals and Westminster Abbey.

We have a long tradition of working with ecclesiastical architects and our supply of Purbeck Marble has been used widely for restoration of mediaeval work throughout the country.

Recent commissions include:

  • Salisbury Cathedral - columns and paving
  • Lincoln Cathedral - mullions
  • Chichester Cathedral - column bases and capitals, window mullions
  • Portsmouth Cathedral - West End new build: rubble walling, altar, font, decorative floor and paving
  • St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle - paving
  • St Mary's Church, Chesham - paving
  • Sevenoaks Parish Church - paving and cladding
  • St. Paul's Cathedral - OBE Chapel
  • St. Mary's Church, Slaugham- paving

Cathedrals, such as Lincoln, Salisbury and Chichester, have ongoing restoration projects with which we have been involved for many years.

The west end of Portsmouth Cathedral was the culmination of a scheme begun in the 1950's, but which lacked adequate money to complete. As part of the completion of the project in the early 1990's, W J Haysom & Son supplied rubble walling, window dressings, exterior and interior paving, a decorative dias, font and stairs.

Portsmouth Cathedral FontPortsmouth Cathedral:

Font (Spangle)

Portsmouth CathedralPortsmouth Cathedral:

West Front:
Rubble Wallings
Exterior Paving

St. Mary's Church, Chesham:
Inland Freestone paving
'Inland Freestone' and 'Thornback' paving
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Ely Cathedral, Lady Chapel