Building Materials

Guillotined Stone - Stone is cropped to 100mm and 150mm (four and six inches) front to back, giving roughly rectangular pieces of stone of varying heights and lengths.

Ashlar - Sawn blocks of stone with a gauged width and smooth face.

Guillotined Stone

Dressed Walling
Dressed Walling - Stone taken one stage further than guillotined and pitched round to give a neater shape.

Quoins and JambsQuoins and Jambs
Lintels and Sills
Mullions and Corbels

All can be made to individual requirements.

Roofing Tiles
Roofing Tiles - small quantities available to continue a true Purbeck tradition!

Internal Window Sills - a polished window sill makes an attractive, unusual and highly practical feature for any room.

Window Sills

Flooring - 'Paving & Cladding'

Walling, Crazy Paving and Rockery - 'Landscaping'

Fireplaces, Hearths and Mantelpieces - 'Fireplaces'

Worktops and interior furnishings - 'Decorative'